Friday, September 11, 2009

For a snort and a smile...

Let me introduce...Sweet-T.

Despite her batty ears and her miniature pony size, she's the biggest, sweetest, scared-ey cat there is. Let me name a few...

She's so scared of thunder that she trembles and cries. Secret Agent Man had to even sleep downstairs with her when a thunderstorm rolled in. He couldn't even sleep on the couch because a little rumble and she jumped onto the couch (a no-no in our house) and tried to dig her way UNDER Secret Agent Man. Sooo....he pulled out his camping gear, set up his bed on the floor and slept with her there (he's going to kill me...).

She looks like a vicious guard dog and even has a mean bark...but heaven forbid someone attacks you. Most guard dogs will stand between the threat and their master and growl and bark a warning. This girl will growl and bark alright, AFTER she's jumped behind you and pushed you forward toward the threat.

She's so scared of earthquakes, she can jump and clear a two foot baby gate (trust me, she's clumsy so this is ridiculously difficult for her) to hide with her brother, Sugar-Ray, who's a good 50 pounds lighter than she is.

But this one tops it all....she could be sleeping so peacefully in a little ball with not a care in the world....then pppffffft! and she jumps straight up in the air and streaks to us with a panicked look in her eyes.

She's scared of her own farts.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Maybe Cody and your scaredy cat...err dog should hang out together. I laughed at this post. We changed Cody's feeding bowl/water to a plastic raised one and he didn't even want to eat. Note that Cody is VERY food motivated so for him to shy away from food meant that he was really scared.