Wednesday, September 9, 2009

End of Summer...

As summer closes to an end, the last of the summer bounty needs to be sopped up and enjoyed...every last glistening, juicy, bite.

This recipe is not really a sugary treat but it's pretty sweet! It's also easy, low-calorie, and totally flexible to changes in the recipe to fit with whatever summer bounty you have on hand or whatever floats your fancy.

Ahhh...summer...the tomato--the jewels of summer. All the tomatoes you want, sliced in half or bite size pieces.

A bunch of green onions. Feel free to add slices of purple, yellow, or white onions if you prefer.

A lemon, squeezed for it's refreshing acid.

A tablespoon of olive oil. Only the best stuff--you need to be able to spoon that stuff into your mouth. Otherwise, total sacrilege to use on these babies!

A tablespoon of blueberry balsamic vinegar! Okay, totally not necessary but a friend, Cheekie (Hi!), gave me this and it's so yummy, I add it to everything. The lemon juice is enough acid for this salad but if you have a yummy vinegar, add it as you like.

Salt to taste. I'm a salty person so I put in a tablespoon of large Hawaiian salt granules. Do not use regular table salt unless you absolutely have to and certainly don't use a Tablespoon full. Remember, you can always add more, so only add little at a time.

Pepper to taste...

One can of white beans or Cannellini beans. You can choose whatever beans you want--or no beans at all. I needed a little protein to fill me up. You could always add tofu or better yet cubes of mozzarella.

I had a couple of radishes laying around and I enjoy a little crunch so I threw that in too.

Mix it up and YUM! If you can handle it, let it sit. It just gets better and better.

Can you believe that this version, split into four servings, is only 100 calories per serving?? Two points for you weight watchers peeps!

Enjoy these last few days of summer glory!

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