Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I got my first delivery of goods! I participate in something called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Most CSAs ask individuals to invest in a farm at the beginning of the season by paying for a "share" in the farm. By doing so, you get "returns". Basically you get a share of what that farm produces throughout the season. Since I entered mid-season, I had to find one in the area that was still open and I found a CSA that totally matched my personality.

This CSA grows weird, heirloom, strange veggies that I absolutely adore and they are soo reasonably priced, I love it!
Here's just a few pictures of the goods.

Brimming full!

Purple Potatoes.


Lovely herb bouquet.

Fancy tomatoes, purple green beans (huh?), peppers, and okra...

...squashes, more peppers, lemon cucumbers (that round tomato looking thing),eggplant, shallots...

...more squash and tomatoes...

...and of course, CORN!

Here's something weird: Rat-tailed radishes. These grow above ground and totally taste like the familiar red bulb.

Yum! CSAs are cool.


  1. I'm so jealous! I brought up the idea of doing this to Matt back in July and he didn't buy into it! I'm gonna have to wear him down little by little...shhhh don't tell him I said that. Eventually I get my way!! Bwa-ha-ha

  2. Libgeek, where you're at, they have a ton of GREAT CSAs--they even have BREAD CSAs where you get weekly/bi-weekly delivery of fresh baked bread. They are a bit expensive though but if you eat a lot of veggies (especially if you pay for organic ones)then CSAs are the way to go.