Friday, November 20, 2009

Simple Cranberry Sauce

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I LOVE Thanksgiving! Someone once said, "Thanksgiving is just like Christmas but without the pressure or stress of presents!" I must agree with that!

If the turkey is the king of the Thanksgiving table then cranberry sauce is the crowning jewel. The brightness of the color and flavor of cranberry just makes things more cheery. There will be two lessons in this post:

1. NEVER buy canned cranberry sauce;
2. NEVER EVER buy canned cranberry sauce.

It's too easy to make, it takes less than 5 minutes, and completely fool proof. Let me show you...

Simple Cranberry Sauce
1 bag (12 ounces) of fresh cranberries--frozen is okay too.

Dump it into a pot.

Add a cup of sugar.

Add some water. You may want to add more than I did. Maybe a cup of water.

Dump all of it into a pot and bring it to boil. If you typically burn things, you might want to keep this on simmer (you know who you are). You'll soon start to hear popping sounds which is the cranberries exploding.

Soon, it'll become a nice juicy slurry.

Let it simmer until the liquid dissipates. You might want to taste it at this point to see if it's sweet enough for your liking.

Let it cool and it will become jelly like.

And there you have it...simple cranberry sauce worthy of your Thanksgiving table!

Here are some other options to spice it up to your taste:

Cinnamon Stick--add when cranberries begins to boil. You might want to pull it out before it reduces too much. The cinnamon might become too strong.

Whole Cloves--similar to cinnamon but just as yummy.

Oranges-- cut into small pieces, rind and all and let it simmer with the cranberries. It'll taste like a chutney.

Raisins-- lovely pockets of sweetness. Need I say more?

Apples-- think sweet, spiced applesauce with cranberry tartness.

Rum-- do I really need to explain this one? Yum!

MIX AND MATCH as you wish!

Coming up next...the best dip ever! Hint: It makes use of this cranberry sauce in a very unique way.

p.s. Happy Birthday, Secret Agent Man!

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