Saturday, June 12, 2010


I Love Strawberries! I can't get enough of these jewels when they are in season. I could easily eat a pound or two in one sitting. So, we went to a local farm to get some fresh berries. We could buy a quart of strawberries for $4.50 OR we could pick our own for $1.50 a pound. Considering that I would eat that quart in two seconds flat, we went out into the fields. Here's our yield!

I went for the small ruby red berries and Secret Agent Man was really good at finding the really big berries. All together we pulled in nearly 8 lbs! I'm so excited that I can't decide how I want to make use of these gems. So I started simple: Fresh Strawberry Topping (or otherwise known as Macerated Berries).

You'll need to wash and quarter about a pint of strawberries.

Sprinkle on a tablespoon of sugar--add more if your strawberries are somewhat weak in flavor or unripened.

If you are feeling particularly naughty, add a splash of vanilla extract or grand marnier or chambord. Then stir it up and let it sit in the refrigerator for about 20minutes.

In the mean time, to make a pretty garnish for various strawberry desserts, take one pretty strawberry.

Make a slice about 3/4 ways from the bottom to the top but do not cut all the way through the stem area.

Make a series of parallel slices being careful not to slice through the stem.

Then carefully, fan it out slightly.

Ta dah! Simple but effective. Especially when paired with a mint leaf on vanilla ice cream in my favorite mug.

Ahhh, but remember, I can't get enough strawberries! So out comes my macerated berries! As you stir it around, you'll notice the syrup it made and how much the strawberry flavor comes out.

Then, pour as much of the strawberries over ice cream, pound cake, shortcake, pancakes, custard, vanilla pudding, chocolate mousse, or spoon directly into your mouth as much as your heart desires. I won't tell.

This is also a quick and easy dessert to make for guests. Just macerate a bunch of different berries or peaches or plums. Add a few sprigs of mint and top with some fresh whipped cream and you've got yourself a classy summer dessert with no fuss.

Stay tuned for more strawberry desserts (I do have another 7.5 pounds to go!).

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  1. Looks yummy!! That would be a great dessert to make if I were a guest =) Picking strawberries sounds like so much fun!!!