Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Icy Icicles!

It's been a pretty warm winter. We didn't get snowfall well into January this year. No white Christmas for us. We did experience our first ice storm, though. I didn't know what that meant and why that seemed to alarm people more than a snow storm but we soon found out.

When there's an ice storm, globs of ice form on anything and everything. It forms on trees branches, weighing them down and breaking them since it's so much heavier than snow. Worse, it forms on powerlines and brings those down too. This ice storm was that crazy, huge storm that covered two-thirds of the continental U.S. This ice storm left two inches of rock solid slabs of ice up the drive way and totally blanketed my truck. Secret Agent Man, had to pour copious amounts of salt on everything and wait for the sun to start melting the ice before he could break up it up and remove it. If you don't remove it as soon as you can, then it just remelts into larger and larger, thicker and thicker slabs which you can't walk on, much less drive on. I think it was 12noon or 1pm before the ice was melted enough to get into my truck to go to work. Weird stuff...

Here's some pretty pictures of some icicles that forms before the ice storm.

Here's Secret Agent Man walking to the porch to knock off all the icicles before the ice storm hit. If we left it up, the ice would have just accumulated and may have weighed down the gutters so much that it would have caused damage.

Here's some icicles that formed on some plants.

Kinda reminded me of Krypton.