Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Pictures!

Just wanted to share some of the spring growth in these parts...let me tell you, it was a welcome sight to see!

Daffodils are now my favorite flower, it's the first to greet Spring! It was my mom's favorite flower and now I see why. It's just so bright and sunny and happy.

Here's a tulip growing. I can't wait to see what this one looks like. These are my sister's favorite flowers.

All these young buds:

Here are some fabulous wild daffodils in the alley way along with a flowering bush:

Even weeds are a happy sight!

I love the gold colors and how green the lawns are again.

Apparently so does Taylor.

Actually, she's loving all the new birds in the neighborhood. She tries her best to catch them but she's a little too clumsy.

By the time I finished taking all the pictures, the second daffodil bloomed.

Daffodils and tulips aren't the only things growing around here (hee hee).

Finally, here's my two broken footed boys. I don't know how Radar managed to hurt his left foot just like Secret Agent Man but it is somewhat funny to see the two of them limping around.

Happy Spring!

Spring= Trauma Season

So, apparently I'm not the only one to get excited about the first sunny day over 50 degrees. The day after I wrote how I was so excited about temperatures reaching into the 60s, Secret Agent Man decided he couldn't wait any longer and went for a bike ride. Now, most of you who read this blog probably know all the details of this fateful day already but here's a few more details for fun.

1. Secret Agent Man was riding on the side of the road and was hit from behind by a pick-up truck going 50+ miles per hour.

2. The last thought in Secret Agent Man's mind was "Damn, that was an awesome ride!" referring to the 20+ miles he just rode through the mountain where he was so worried about getting shot by hunters that he wore a fluorescent orange jersey. Apparently, that color keeps you from getting shot but doesn't keep you from getting runned over.

3. Here was our conversation when I first saw him at the hospital in the emergency room:
Me: Hi, honey, how are you?
SAM: What happened?
Me: You were hit by a car.
SAM: Bastards...Did they get away or what?
Me: I don't think it was a hit and run.
SAM: Where Am I?
Me:At the hospital.
SAM: How did I get here?
Me: Helicopter.
SAM: Bloody......What happened?

This conversation continued pretty much exactly the same every few minutes for the next 16 hours.

4. Although he wasn't coherent, Secret Agent Man was very aware that he was naked. Although he was covered pretty much the whole time, he was so concerned that he was naked, he told everyone "hey guys, I think I'm naked" and after awhile the nurses and doctors would start messing with him saying things like "guess what, we all are too!" Secret Agent Man wouldn't be phased though, he would just reply with "no peeking, no peeking" or "don't post this on the internet guys" or "what kind of place you guys running here?"

5. Secret Agent Man was not the first that day to be flown in for a trauma. The doctors and nurses in the ICU all commented that it was the start of "Trauma Season." As soon as the sun comes out, the garage doors open up and motocycles and bicycles come out and people become prime targets for really bad accidents. So this was our introduction to "Trauma Season."

UPDATE: Secret Agent Man is doing really well. He's a little (a LOT) frustrated as he is essentially confined to our bedroom and tortured as he watches the temperatures get up into the 80s and see the rare sunshine in these parts and watching all the other bicyclists pass our home from our window. The bruises have essentially disappeared (maybe if he would allow it, I could share some of those pictures), all the swelling has gone down, and he's off pain meds. Now it's just his bones that need to heal which unfortunately still means he has to wear his back brace and stay off his foot, at least until we see what the doctors say a little later this week. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful love and support!

Always wear a helmet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Just hopping by to wish you all....