Thursday, March 11, 2010

63 degrees

Hallelujah! It was 63 degrees today with beautiful sunshine--not that I was able to enjoy it sitting in my dark office with no windows--but it actually got up into the 60s!! I think the last of the snow finally melted off the ground with just a few splotches here and there.

Sorry there's no pictures to share with you. I'm just too excited about the temperature and I figured I would post about it right away since it's not likely to stick. Rain is in the forecast for tonight and into early next week but the silver lining in that cloud is that it's RAIN and not SNOW. Can it truly mean that Spring is here? I'm so scared to jinx it!

After months of dreaming about the sun and warm beaches, I'm just happy that we just might be moving into spring (even though it's still too cold to wear a dress). =)
Happy day,