Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fortification: Avocado Mayo Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Cheekie and I baked and decorated nearly 12 dozen cupcakes for a friend's wedding. The best part was all the food and chatting we did during the weekend! While frosting cupcakes, Cheekie and I discovered that our tastebuds are alike in that we LOVE mayo. More importantly, one of the BEST combination of flavors is avocado and mayo. It's just magical. So, she made me a sandwich! Wow, it was perfect to keep us going!

So this is her recipe and I'm sorry my fingers were covered in sugar so I couldn't capture each step.

Avocado Mayo Grilled Cheese Sandwich
1. Slice an avocado, tomato, and semi-soft cheese like munster, fontina, havarti, or even swiss or chedder would work nicely.
2. Generously spread some Mayo on one slice of bread (anytype you choose--sourdough is particularly yummy) and layer avocado, tomato, cheese, then top with another slice of bread.
3. You can choose to toss this in a toaster, panini grill, or use a George Forman Grill to grill the bread separately before putting the sandwich together.
4. Enjoy!

Easily adaptable to your tastes and pleasure! Yum! Thanks, Cheekie!


  1. Man, what is it about that combo?! Gotta try it with the butter avocado. Maybe that avocado variety is the Reed?

    But then, look at this! I never knew there were so many kinds of avocados! What an adventure ahead to try them all!

  2. REED! Now that's a good avocado! It's the closest I've gotten to this elusive "butter avocado." YUM.

  3. What a yummy sandwich! Recently I made Aly an avocado, mozarella grilled cheese sandwich (no tomatoes cause she might be allergic to them). Of course it had to be on gluten free bread. Aly loves avocado so I'm gonna have to make it for her again! Wonder if I should try to put mayo next time! Oh I think your next sandwich should have some good quality bacon :)