Thursday, October 15, 2009


Seriously. This was yesterday:

This is today:

This was this morning:

This was this afternoon:

I feel robbed. There was no real fall. The leaves are still on the trees and they are still GREEN!

Doesn't this look like the mid-west?

I dunno about this, people. We may not last through the real winter. Apparently, we broke a record for earliest snow fall ever in this area. I'm freezing already.

Stay warm!


  1. That's just beautiful, fall, winter, or whatever that quasi season seemingly is in-between! Yah, it seems that you need to have that toasty coat on hand.

  2. Although the snow looks wonderful, it only looks wonderful in pictures or only if you are going to a resort for snowboarding!! LOL

    Well I hope you folks are staying warm up there!