Sunday, June 6, 2010

I was THAT person

You know when you're sitting on a plane waiting for take off and that harried passenger runs up on the plane within two minutes of take off? And all you can think is "man, that person should get it together!" Yeah, that was me...

I arrived at the airport TEN MINUTES before take off. Who does that?? We underestimated how long it would take to get to the airport from home--it seems like it's only 10 minutes but ended up taking a good 30 minutes. Of course I had a bag to check. BUT get this, the airport is small enough that I could run up to the window next to the boarding area, wave at an agent, and get her to come out and check me in. Again, WHO DOES THAT?? Not only did she check my bag, but she took care of everything and told me to run to the gate and she didn't give me one ounce of attitude. LOVE HER.

Granted, running to the gate means going through security and taking 5 steps to the doorway to the tarmac. But since it's such a small airport, it took me 30 seconds to go through security, even with them performing their duties to the fullest. And everyone was super nice even at 6 in the morning. I just can't believe how nice and lucky I was. There's no way you could get onto the airplane arriving 10 minutes prior to take off at any other airport. I love flying out of our local airport. =)


  1. Welcome back to blogging Sugar Mama! I've been checking for updates. Anyway, just recently we (the hubby and I) were just talking about how nice must be in a small town (like where you live) where people are nice and friendly. Conversation was sparked from a service station commercial about the owner leaving his family bbq to open the shop and help a stranger. Anyway, hope all is well...been meaning to email or call...never got around to it...

  2. Hi Libgeek!
    It's nice to be back with all the craziness settling down and summer upon us (with super long days of sun which I LOVE)! I've been keeping up with your blog and loving all the updates!