Thursday, September 3, 2009

Farm Fair!

Another fair to share!
This is the Centre County Fair. This one had all the county fair requisites: the rides, the games, and of course the food.

Better yet, this fair had it's own...flavor.

The big thing here is that people will camp in the middle of the campgrounds for the entire week. For those Harry Potter fans, it's kinda how you would imagine the camp grounds at the international quiddich championship. These spots are so coveted that they are passed down in wills, people. How strange is that? These tents are small but people bring in their TVs and refrigerators and decorate their "lawns." I should have taken more pictures but I felt like a voyer.

I mentioned the food...this is just really fresh yummy potato chips. My mouth is watering...I'll take fried potatoes in any form, any day.

And what would be a more appropriate ketchup dispenser for a county fair??

And I will leave you with smooch-alicious CUTEness!



Hee Hawww....

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