Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two words: Dry State

hmmm....no, not "dry state" as in HOT, DROUGHT, DESERT state....oh, noooo. "Dry state" as in no easily attainable alcohol. As in, no going to the grocery store to pick up some beer. No stopping at Trader Joe's for a two-buck Chuck on the way to a dinner party. No gin and tonic. The sacrilege!

Okay, I'm being a *little* overly dramatic since there are specific "wine and spirits" shops around town which I am sure will be happy to sell a responsible looking adult some gin but c'mon! *sigh*

In the move, we left all our "spirits" behind because it was too much to pack. I did keep some wine but the one thing I insisted on making room for was my gin that I haven't had a chance to finish off from my graduation (Thanks, ladies--see how important and meaningful that gift was to me??? Secret Agent Man rolled his eyes but packed it to make me happy. Ain't he the best?)

Speaking of which....time to go unpack some more.
Toodles, Snickerdoodles!

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