Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm here and it's lovely!

Hi friends,
I finally got online and a moment to breathe....and to say hello. Sugar*mama here ---obviously an alias because my hubby, let's call him Secret Agent Man (aka. Sugar*daddy) insists on anonymity and living as far off the grid as the Internet can take us (yeah, you figure that one out)---I digress...where was I?

Oh yeah, Sugar*mama here and sugar muling is what I do. I'll try my best to get you some sugar postings so you can make your own sweets and desserts and pretend that I'm there making it for you. Because, you know, sugar is love. The ironic thing is that I love salt. Anyhooooo.... for those of you who know me and are awaiting my move update from blistering hot Southern California to the nice, balmy breezy Pennsylvania....keep waiting. I'll post it soon with pictures and everything. Otherwise welcome and drop me a line, anytime.


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