Thursday, July 30, 2009



I had to look up how to spell Ludicrous....but it really is. Cilantro, people, at $1.99 a bunch.

and no, a bunch is not that basket you see there. A bunch is equal to the very same one you can get for $0.20 at a regular super market in california. The very same one you can get for free in someone's yard.

$1.99....sheesh....and Secret Agent Man's explanation for this? They don't like that kind of stuff here.

Then sell it cheap to those of who do....and to think I never really liked the stuff either. Until I figured out you can't have good Mexican food without it---and without LOTS of it.

Lettuce eat! hahahaa......i'm so laughing alone, aren't I.

p.s. I walked to the post-office today. A whole .1 mile---well, .2 round trip!

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