Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peer Influence

I'm easily swayed.

I have a friend....let's call her...."M"...she's kinda crazy in that she enjoys the pain of running marathons. Lot's of people like physical exercise, it's supposed to be healthy for you and all, but the part that makes M crazy is that she a) does it for the pain and b) does it so she can eat more. Frankly, I can do the eat more part and be perfectly fine without the running.

As, I was saying, I'm easily influenced. So I mention that I'm *not* as energetic as she seems to think I am (really, I'm a lazy ass) and somehow it turns into a five paragraph marathon long (hee hee, pun) motivational email, with links and all and me dragging out brand new running shoes that I bought a year ago when I thought I was motivated enough to start running.

You would think after years of studying peer influences I would know how it all works. *sigh* I'm still a sucker. At least it's healthy.

So now, according to M's plan, I can start putting some sugar goods on this blog without guilt (because if I put it on the blog, it means I have to bake, which means I have to eat, which makes for a fat ass. Fat ass + lazy ass= big mass).

I promise, the sugar rush is coming....
til then...

Chocolaters (hahaa...I crack myself up)!

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  1. Sugarmama, I'd beware. This M sounds a little pushy. How insensitive to suggest that another should share in this masochistic self-inflicted pain!! Perhaps you should tell her to stick it where the sun don' said, eat more? Hmm. OK, there's potential merit to this. And, you mention sugar goods? Bake? Chocolate? Oooh. What the heck, sign my bum up for an event. ;) Training starts now. Diving into a big chocolate muffin. - Cheekie moo