Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmageddon-PA edition

We thought the big snow storm was back during Christmas. Since then it had been gray and brown with some rain and really frigid temperatures. Some of you may have heard about the huge storm to hit Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD areas that shut down the cities. That same storm hit here and dumped at least 18" of pristine, fluffy, dry, sandy, fine snow.
And now you know why Innuits have 40 words for snow.

The snow piled so high that the stairs on our front porch were buried and there's a good 6" of snow ON the porch.

The trees looked like it was dripping with frosting.

This should give you some perspective of how deep "we" had to dig. My truck's bumper is in the background.

The snow was almost too high for the snowblower.

Secret Agent Man has a lot of fun with the snowblower.

He's also a good neighbor. We have 24 hours to shovel our sidewalks after a snowfall. Secret Agent Man has so much fun with the snowblower he keeps going until he clears the block.

He still needed to shovel the stairs though.

Our village/town/borough does a great job with clearing the streets. This time the snow fell so quickly, they had a hard time keeping up.

Our neighbor thinks we're weird.

Here I am, trying to make a snow angel. The doggies wanted to help. You know, kids make this look so easy but my question is how the heck do you get up without ruining the angel??

While I'm writing this, we're bunkered down, waiting for the next snow storm to pass. Another 12" is expected to fall between tonight and tomorrow night.
Stay warm!

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