Sunday, January 31, 2010


...degrees. It's 11.1 degrees outside and dropping. That's not the coldest it's been this winter but it's still pretty darn cold. It hasn't gotten over 28 degrees for the past few days.

Secret Agent Man has shingles and although everyone says he's not contagious, I'm sure pre-chicken pox kids, pregnant women, and senior citizens would be happy he's not walking the streets. Seeing as the temperatures have been pretty icy, we're not all that motivated to leave our freezing house for even colder adventures in town. Although the heater in the car is our only sense of relief since this house is barely able to stay above 50 degrees with the heater burning full blast. Good times, people.

So we're tucked into bed and then we get a hankering for nachos. It was only midnight and we do live just outside a college town and thought it would be fun to sneak out for a midnight date. It's our favorite kind--but just so you know we aren't complete fatties, we didn't eat dinner so I felt it was justified. However there was only one big problem with our brilliant plan:

Who the heck in our town serves Nachos?? Lemme tell you-no one.

Then we thought it would be a good time to go to the grocery store and I could make our own nachos...

..but by the time we worked up to courage to get out of our warm and cozy bed, we looked at the dropping temperature and decided that it's just waaaaay too stupid for us to venture out. So I settled for a fried egg and avocado sandwich that I made on fresh olive bread from our local baker, very reminiscent of this sandwich but instead of cheese I sprinkled bacon bits in it. Secret Agent Man made himself some miso soup and rice. There's no wonder why I call him Jack Sprat.

Stay warm but sneak out for something fun every once in a while!

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