Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bread and Water

This is my lunch a few times a week: Bread and Water. Well, Cheese too. I found a local baker who makes such wonderful fresh baked bread that I'm really learning to enjoy the simplest things in life. Look at the lovely crust and airy, chewy crumb. The flavor is like a really ripe sourdough. One day I will make a bread like this.

The cheese is from our local dairy. It's called Longhorn--I assume it's named after the cow variety (species?) but that's just my ignorance talking. It kinda tastes like a cross between Jack and Chedder. I really want to try some of the local cheese artisans but Secret Agent Man is a little weary believing that they make cheese in bathtubs (they don't!). Me? I'm looking forward to more bread, more cheese, and I'm going to try raw milk (like straight from grass-fed cows) this year. It's so cool to be surrounded by all this stuff.

til latte!

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