Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmageddon-Doggie Edition

Snow might be novel for us and we probably enjoy it a little more than the average northerner might during this point in the winter but our enjoyment is NOTHING compared to what the dogs must be thinking. They are elated!

Here's Radar dying to play outside.

Here's Taylor trying to find her "spot." Note how high the snow is.


As you can imagine, manuvering through snow that deep is a tad bit more difficult for Radar. What this picture doesn't show is how high he has to jump to beable to propel forward; nor does it convey all the grunting sounds he's making.

But he's happy.

Meercats in PA?

Our dogs are terrible retrievers. So we were caught by surprise when Radar was barking and running around mad and Secret Agent Mad decided to throw a snowball at him (to get him to shut up) that he turned around and caught it! He was probably being a brat and showing up Secret Agent Man but none-the-less a new game was born!

Truth is that Taylor just thinks we're throwing food at her. She'll usually watch where the snowball falls and take a chomp out of it.

Radar can jump pretty high though!

Sometimes, they conk heads trying to catch the same snowball. It's very entertaining in a very sadistic way.

Here's a magic trick...how to make a dog disappear by the time I count to three...



I wasn't fast enough with the camera but Taylor looked so concerned.

In the end, they even learned how to actually retrieve!

And here they are all pooped out, waiting at the door to go back inside. A tired dog is a good dog.

I'll leave you with this picture of our pretty boy snow fox.

Sweet times...

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  1. That's just adorable. They look like they're having a blast! What fun kids you have.