Wednesday, August 12, 2009 does your body good.

Here's our local dairy!

We get our eggs, milk, cheese, and ice cream here. I'm telling you, milk from a glass bottle just tastes better than a plastic jug or paper carton. The cows and chickens are behind the facility. Secret Agent Man went to find them but they must have been in the barn.

We go here on friday nights for our "dates". We get a darn good burger and shake for cheap. I know the Vanilla shake won Secret Agent Man's heart.....before this dairy, friday night dates consisted of Home Depot trips.

Though the ice cream is good here, I'm thinking The Creamery ultimately wins.

Helloooo, Death by Chocolate.


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  1. I'm so so jealous! I don't think Matt would go for a Friday date night at a dairy farm. He thinks going to Luckys is good enough. He doesn't understand!!