Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I know this is really hard to see but at least you get a shot of my backyard. In the middle of the picture you'll see a streak of light.

At dusk, it's just amazing! All the fireflies light up and it looks like magic pixie dust glittering everywhere.

I think Secret Agent Man had the same reaction I did. They don't stay lit! The fireflies actually look like sparks off a wood fire. I know I totally sound like a city slicker there but since most of you reading this probably haven't seen fireflies in real life, I thought I would tell you that it's nothing like the cartoons show.



  1. Fireflies are the best! I miss them from my other life in IL. You know how to make the sparks last a little longer? This is not for the PETA-friends (sorry...I was 4 years old when I did this). I would catch a bunch of them in a big glass jar, and then watch them light up & fly around. It's like nature's lamp that way. Then, of course, I would let them go, safe and sound, back to their homes.

  2. I heard of a non-peta friendly thing to do with fireflies. Apparently, if squoosh them when they are lit, their guts glow and you can decorate yourself so you can glow too. I didn't try this but the things kids come up with in Iowa....