Thursday, July 8, 2010

A year gone by...

I've officially been here one full year. It's been a crazy year at that but I can absolutely say that I've survived all four seasons!

Last year at this time...

*Secret Agent Man was still packing up our house with tons of help from his parents and a few friends. Who knew we had so much STUFF?

*I just completed my dissertation and hoped and prayed they wouldn't take my diploma away.

*I said good-bye to family and friends on the west to start anew on the east.

*I met my new co-workers who invited me over for dinner and welcomed me like only a small town would.

*I learned to live without air-conditioning in humid weather (again).

*I learned that you can't buy beer or liquor from just anywhere. Not even vodka for homemade vanilla extract or wine to cook with. Forget about my gin and tonics or gimlets.

*I learned that even though the entire town is only about 6 sq. miles, everyone has to get to the otherside like NOW. Crazy drivers.

*I learned that we can survive a move across the country!

Thanks to everyone for their support!

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