Monday, January 31, 2011

New Trick!

We can sometimes get our unruly dogs to do tricks. They were much more obedient when we would walk them and play with them or for the most part pay any attention to them. So the only way we can get them to do anything we want is if there's a treat involved (and sometimes not even then). Secret Agent Man, patient as he is, taught them a new trick.

Now, it doesn't look like much but we taught them to "freeze" with the treat on their nose. They've been getting lazy and letting the treat slide off. So he taught them to freeze with the treat in their mouths. They don't run off, they don't chew, they don't move an inch until he gives the, if we can just teach them "clean up." Heck, I'll settle for "fetch" or "be quiet" but I'll take "FREEZE!"


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